Application for Admission

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Address Information

Shipping Address for Learning Kit

Note: Emails, invoices and other communications will be addressed to the person's name selected above.
The medium of instruction and all communication from school will be in English only
Provide details for siblings (Direct Brother/ Sister only) studying in IVSL.

Primary Contact

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Alternative Contact

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Past Academic Performance (Please enter overall Grade / Percentage)​

If your child has not attended any school previously, please type either NA (i.e. Not Applicable) or HS (i.e. Homeschooled) as applicable

I declare that the information furnished is correct to the best of my knowledge.​

  • I have applied for admission in a particular Grade based on IVSL’s age eligibility criteria. In case, the criterion is not met, I give my consent to IVSL to process admission as per my application, taking responsibility for future repercussions, if any.
  • We have read and understood the admission procedure and age criteria required, and we agree to follow it.
  • The medium of instruction at IVSL is English only. English will be the primary language for all communication with Parents and on the portal by School
  • The contact details and address provided is correct and the School can communicate using this information.
  • I hereby give my consent to contact us by phone, text or WhatsApp message, or email.
  • The learning experience is best when the student has access to a laptop/desktop with hi-speed internet (minimum 10 Mbps speed) and ergonomic seating arrangement
  • I understand about the screen time of the child and have no objection to the batch timings.
  • I agree to keep the microphone (mic) and web camera (webcam) of my electronic device (desktop, laptop, tablets, mobile) always switched on / open during live classes, during assessments, events, or as required from time to time by the School.
  • The preferred batch timings may or may not be available and the School will use its discretion in allocating the Batch to the Student.
  • The classroom sessions will be recorded and made available to other parents for viewing. Also, the School can use these videos for its promotional and communication purpose including posting on social media.
  • I have read and understood the FAQs and other information on the website including the terms and conditions and various policies of the school that will be amended from time to time.
  • I have read, understood, and agree to the Terms of Use, Privacy,  Shipping & Delivery, and Refunds & Cancellation Policy mentioned on the website of
  • I confirm that I have read the information (Appendix I) at the end of this form regarding the use of your child's image. Please chcek the box for all types of consent. Where forms are incomplete, we will assume that permission has not been given.
  •  I give consent of my child's photograph to be used within the school for display purposes.
     I give my permission for my child's image to be used in excercise books, Learning Journeys or Records of Achievements belonging to other children.
     I give consent to share images of sporting of academic success with appropriate third parties.
     I give permission for my child's photograph to be used on the school website.
     I give permission for my child's photograph to be used in the school newsletter.
     I give permission for my child's photograph to be used in the school's social media accounts e.g Twitter.
     I give permission for my child's photograph to be used in local or national media.
     I give permission for my child to be filmed by the school during school production.
  • You may withdraw the consent at any time by writing to the School Business Manager, Mrs. Laxhmi Solder.
IVSL offers a rebate of 5% to parents when the fee is paid annually on top of other referral and sibling discounts
If you have no further questions, select "No" for expedited admission confirmation and onboarding. If yes, please note our Admission Advisor will contact you within 5 days to discuss the admission criteria and other aspects of IVSL.

Please review the form. If confirmed, kindly submit and pay the Enrollment Fee. ​The invoice and payment details are sent to your email and WhatsApp number.

In case of any query/support, please chat with us on WhatsApp +44 7842 686869 or email us at